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The goals and purpose of Suunta's activities

We are working for a good life!

Suunta is a Finnish center for self-directed support.

We are part of KVPS – The service foundation for people with an intellectual disability. In KVPS our aim is to find individual solutions and to create high-quality services all over Finland.

We are a non-govermental organisation aiming to promote inclusion, equal opportunities and full citizenship.

We bring people together & create networks for co-creation.

The need for Suunta’s activities

With social and health services, we implement the basic rights secured in the Constitution and the human rights treaties that bind Finland. These include, for example, the right to equality, the prohibition of discrimination and the right to adequate social and health services.

Although the laws with their goals and purposes mean well, as a society we still fail to implement them. In this case, people’s opportunities to choose and influence their own support and help often remain unfulfilled.

The ways we impact

At Suunta,

  • we support individuals in planning and managing their personal budget
  • we do service design and develop by experimenting
  • we provide training and consultation
  • we conduct research, produce and gather information
  • we build networks.

We are also part of the international Citizen Network Cooperative.

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